Robert Granger
President and CEO

Matthew A. Moore
  Executive Vice President and Chief Integration Officer

Bobbi A. Farber, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Debbie Bostic
Senior Vice President Hospital Operations Chief Nursing Officer

Greg Hembree
Chief Financial Officer

E. Rick Lowe
Senior Vice President Hospital Operations Support, Risk Management and Compliance

Kevin Sass
Kevin Sass
Senior Vice President Human Resources, Organization & Cultural Development

Charles E. Christian
Chief Information Officer

Mcdonald Plummer Jr.
Chief Development Officer



St. Francis Hospital, Inc., 2013 Board of Trustees

Thomas B. Buck, III, Chair
Richard Y. Bradley, Chair-Elect, Secretary
Martha S. Bickerstaff, Immediate Past Chair
Robert P. Granger, President
Mark Holladay, Treasurer
Deborah Saylor, Assistant Secretary
R. Larry Cardin
Philip Thayer
Stephen T. Butler
Carolynn Obleton
Mario Davis
Paul Todd
Edwin Page, M.D.
Michael Sims, M.D.
Audrey D. Hollingsworth
J. Daniel Parker, Jr.
Billy Turner
W. Jeremy Jeffery
Otis J. Scarborough
Robert M. Gilson, Jr.
William Taylor, M.D.
Rajinder Chhokar, M.D.
Bipin Patel, M.D.
Margie Norman
Linda Shinkle
Chuck Briscoe
Molly Scarbrough
Luther Wolff, Jr., MD

St. Francis Foundation, 2013 Board of Trustees

Linda Shinkle, Chair
Betsy Ramsay, Chair Elect, Secretary
Sallie Martin, Immediate Past Chair
Robert P. GrangerPresident/CEO
McDonald Plummer, VP, St. Francis Foundation
Charles Huff
Roy Plummer
Cathy Bickerstaff
Meg Poydasheff
Lee Sessions
Angie Hart
Ashok Kumar, M.D.
Sylvester McRae, M.D.
Martha Paull
Banks Carroll, M.D.
Donna Hand
Dexter Jordan
Lisa White
Mason Lampton
Kent Illges
Tripp Wade
Leland McCluskey, M.D.
Margie Norman
Chuck Briscoe

2013 Medical Executive Committee

William Taylor, MD - Chief of Staff
Raj Chhokar, MD - Past Chief of Staff
Bipin Patel, MD - Chief of Staff Elect
Charles Scarborough, MD - Chief of Surgery
Gary Rogers, MD - Anesthesia Chief
H. Belk Brooks, MD - Cardiovascular Chief
Edwin Page, MD - ENT Chief
Michael Borkat, MD - General Surgery Chief
Ben Cheek, MD - OB/GYN Chief
Steve Beaty, MD - Opthamology Chief
Luke Wolff III, MD - Orthopaedic Chief
Frank Willett, MD - Pathology Chief
John Abernathy, MD - Radiology Chief
Thomas Walsh, MD - Spine & Neuro
Willey Killorin, MD - Urology Chief
Joe Lewis, MD - Chief of Medicine
Mahesh Patel, MD - Cardiology Chief
Bruce Carr, MD - Critical Care Chief
Thomas Isenovski, MD - ED Chief
John Henderson, MD - Family Medicine Chief
William Fortson, MD - Gastroenterology Chief
Carlos Perez, MD - Hospital Medicine Chief
Chris Lee, MD - Internal Medicine Chief
Raj Alappan, MD - Nephrology Chief
Chris Tidwell, MD - Pulmonary Chief
Richard Morse, MD - CME
Terry Cone, MD - Credentials
Chris Kiggins, MD - Epidemiology
Andrew Dickens, MD - Quality Excellence
Bhushit Dixit, MD - Chief of Psychiatry
Robert Granger - President/CEO
Bobbi Farber, MD - SVP/Chief Medical Officer
Rick Lowe - SVP/Chief Administrative Officer
Matt Moore - SVP/Chief Financial Officer
Deborah Saylor, RN - SVP/Patient Care Services
Dave Steele - Vice President/CIO
Kristina Gray, MBA/HCM - Director Medical Staff Services