Erections: Surprising Facts


Erections are temporary, but knowledge is permanent: curious things to know

There’s Something to Know

Fully formed erections are possible in the earliest stages of body development. There were cases when the doctors managed to observe a full erection via the ultrasound scanning procedure. Erections may occur accidentally several times an hour. That’s normal for our body to check the functionality of this or that organ from time to time.

It’s a sign demonstrating sexual arousal. There’s no exact thing that makes your body trigger this reaction. It may be a smell you find exciting, something you see, or something you feel. A thought is enough to provoke an erection.

An erection is a combination of psychological and physiological factors. Everything starts in your nervous system. The blood vessels receive chemical signals from them, promoting more robust blood flow. The veins get narrower, thus creating additional tension and pressure that does not let the blood get back until you release the stress through ejaculation.

Three Types of Erection

Reflexogenic Psychogenic Nocturnal
Occur because of physical contact with a partner. Occur because of the fantasies and audiovisual stimulation. This erection type is sometimes unintentional. Everything gets harder in the dark. These are regular erections that healthy men experience at night. They are mostly unintentional.

Erections: Curious Things to Know

Not all men thinking they have Erectile Dysfunction really have it. In most cases, men of all ages suffer from erectile dissatisfaction caused by an underlying condition. As per UW Health, “mild and moderate erectile dysfunction affects approximately 10 percent of men per decade of life”. However, almost, in all cases, it’s possible to get and keep an erection. It only becomes more difficult.

The penis is fragile. There’s no bone inside of it, but breaking it is possible. It is caused by the burst of the vessels under the high pressure of the blood when the penis is erect. The British National Health Service warns men to be more careful while making love with a partner on top because this is the most common position to get a breakage.

ED medications do not always lead to a positive effect. Erectile Dysfunction drugs are destined to help you restore and spice up your sexual life. Nevertheless, they are useful only in two out of every three cases. If a man suffers from a severe psychological condition, these meds may be ineffective at all. Make sure you consult your physician about the effects of ED medications; you might also want to learn more about the benefits, method and safety of erectogenic pills at My Canadian Pharmacy Pro, a service with years of experience and practice in managing erection difficulties. Skilled specialists can explain to you techniques that will help beat this unpleasant condition. WeCareforlife team is oriented to bring measurable results to your ED therapy, and they know that the way to achieve it is through steadily offering low prices for refills: since sexual dysfunction is a chronic condition rather than acute, it requires continuous management. By bringing the price range lower than ever before, this pharmacy creates conditions that make true difference.

The shorter the penis, the bigger the erection in terms of proportions. It’s physiological geometry: if the penis is short, it gets about 85% longer in comparison to a longer one, which is about 50% The most massive erection in the world officially belongs to Jonah Falcon. It’s 13.5 inches long which is a bit more than one foot.

ED is often a sign of a serious chronic condition. The NIDDK mentions the following most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction — cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, effects of anti-cancer treatment, excessive nervousness, and anxiety. Drugs, nicotine, and alcohol adversely affect the ability to sustain an erection.

A man does not need an erection to reach the climax. Quite a lot of men taking treatment from high blood pressure suffer from insufficient or semi-erections. It’s the effect of a medication. There’s a number of massage techniques that can lead to a satisfying orgasm even when a penis is a limb. An orgasm is more psychological than physiological.

Changes in your lifestyle can cause ED. These changes can be negative or positive. Lifestyle choices causing Erectile Dysfunction may be:

  • Excessive weight;
  • Smoking or alcoholism;
  • Drugs;
  • Certain medications you take to beat a chronic condition;
  • Prolonged bicycling.

A man can have up to five erections while sleeping at night. It looks like our brain is in the habit of checking whether our bodies are fully functional or not. Each of the erections in your sleep can last for about half an hour.

Stay away from tropical insects because some of them might cause prolonged, painful erections. One of the most dangerous is the Brazilian spider. The reason is that the bite causes a significant increase in the blood pressure which can be decreased only medically.

More Facts to Accept

  1. A penis is half-longer as you see it. That’s the reason why men suffering from obesity have shorter male organs in both the erect and limb states.
  2. It’s a myth that the size of feet, as well as height, have no connection to the size of the penis.
  3. There’s no scientific explanation to where the nocturnal and morning erections come from.
  4. Mourning wood. The second after a man passes away, he experiences the final death erection.
  5. You can’t control the erection and ejaculation because both processes are controlled by the spinal ejaculation generator, not by the brain.
  6.  There’s such a medical condition as Phallophobia — an aversion to the erect penis.
  7. Even a child can have an erection, and it’s entirely healthy in spite of being rare.
  8. About an inch of the penis for 30 extra pounds will be hidden if a man’s overweight;
  9. A penis is not a muscle. It would be better to compare it with a sponge.
  10. Oral stimulation promotes stronger erections.

Bottom Line

There’s a ton of the other peculiarities you might have never known about your physiology. Nevertheless, keep in mind that having healthy erections are useful for your health and the male organ as well. Each time a man experiences sexual arousal, his penis fills with fresh blood rich in oxygen.

If you feel sexually aroused and don’t suffer from psychological conditions, you should urgently consult your doctor to find the underlying reason for your condition. Remember, that no medication will be helpful against Erectile Dysfunction if you are not sexually excited. Make sure you don’t suffer from mental disorders and anxiety before passing on to the medical treatments.

Erections: Surprising Facts

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