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How To Choose Optimal Generic Viagra Dose

One of the most popular medications for ED treatment, Viagra s available in its generic version. It has the same effects as the original drug, hence, it’s important to follow the recommended dosage. What is it? Let’s check doctors’ recommendations. Average dosage of  Viagra The drug is available in tablet form, the tablets are blue […]

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction When You Have Diabetes

The physicians will prove that 75% of men having diabetes also have erection conditions of different severity. They also experience the worsening of the ED condition or treat it improperly. If a young man has diabetes, he will most likely have sexual performance problems in the future. Moreover, a person with diabetes starts suffering from […]

Erections: Surprising Facts

Erections are temporary, but knowledge is permanent: curious things to know There’s Something to Know Fully formed erections are possible in the earliest stages of body development. There were cases when the doctors managed to observe a full erection via the ultrasound scanning procedure. Erections may occur accidentally several times an hour. That’s normal for […]

Kamagra and Generic Viagra Comparison

With a huge variety of ED medications available in the market it is too hard to learn which one is the best choice for you. Today many regular users refuse from Viagra pills in favor of Kamagra. But is this really a wise choice? Kamagra is viewed as a very popular and effective treatment prescribed […]

Can Statins Be Used In Lieu Of Viagra?

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common health issues among men of different ages. The list of circumstances leading to this condition is long, and possible underlying health conditions as even longer. Nevertheless, today, we’re going to add a little joy to those who still fight with ED. About three years ago, The Sun […]

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